How do you know what you should pay for a boat? As industry professionals, we have access to a database of what almost any kind of boat has sold for. This, alongside the condition of the boat, is the best measure of the boat's current market value. This allows us to advise clients when the time has come to negotiate  a sales price.


An experienced broker can help you narrow your search by discussing your needs, wants, and ultimate goal. Once these are established, we begin looking for the right boat together.

Searching for the perfect boat?

Even if you don't find exactly what you're looking for in our listings, we're here to help! We have assisted hundreds of clients in the search for the right boat that might be listed by another firm, or even for sale by owner, whether it's near or far. 

Why use a Buyer's Representative?

​All of our brokers are experienced boaters familiar with many types of boats. Whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced boat owner, there are many advantages to utilizing the services of a buyer's representative.

And the best part... NO COST TO YOU!

Commissions are always paid by the selling party, so there are no costs associated with retaining the services of a buyer's representative. For more information, please see below.

Movement of closing funds, insurance, proper documentation, and taking possession of a boat are a few aspects of closing your buyer's representative can assist with. Each sale is different regarding registration and logistics, and we've got the experience to help.

When it is time to make a formal offer, a buyer's agent acts as your representative throughout negotiations regarding sales price and terms. Assistance in this phase of the purchase is one of the greatest advantages of a buyer's representative.


A broker acting as a buyer's representative attends the survey and sea trial either alongside the buyer or in their stead. Post-survey, your broker can make recommendations based on the survey report.

Sifting through thousands of listings can be overwhelming. A buyer's representative does the leg work for you by keeping an eye out for boats that might be a good fit. As we receive feedback from you, it becomes easier to find the perfect boat.